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Rephlex coined the term braindance to describe the otherwise uncategorisable output of Aphex Twin and Rephlex Records. The official definition is as follows:

Braindance is the genre that encompasses the best elements of all genres, e.g traditional, classical, electronic music, popular, modern, industrial, ambient, hip hop, electro, house, techno, breakbeat, hardcore, ragga, garage, drum and bass, etc.

Check out The Braindance Coincidence compilation album over at Discogs. And if you you need a taste while you soulseek check this 2-part 8track mix.

You’ll recognize some of the more ‘popular’ artists like µ-Ziq and DMX Krew.

It’s worth noting that some of my personal faves have appeared on Rephlex Records: Drexciya, Squarepusher and Bodenstandig 2000(!).

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Moombahton is the creation from DJ and producer Dave Nada. It’s like Dutch House and Raggaeton. You can read the crazy story behind the somewhat accidental creation of the genre in Fader’s interview with Nada

As a side note: 2009-2010 seemed to be a big couple years for taking existing genres and slowing them down (e.g., Way Slower, Games, Witch House, Justin Bieber 800% slower). My guess the trends over, but we’ll see.

What you should really do is check Nada’s (NSFW) Tumblr for some really great tracks! 

I’m currently digging Angger Dimas’ “Are You Ready”.

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Tribal Guarachero

I just heard about Tribal Guarachero today after catching a video on Mexican Pointy Boots (must watch) on my buddy’s Facebook. 

Mad Decent has the 3BallMTY ep and XLR8R has a decent article on the genre. That ep (featuring Erick Rincon — the more popular DJ of the scene) is a great place to start. Rincon sites Ricardo Reyna as the originator of the sound sometime in the early aughts.

I’m not actually that impressed with the genre overall; however, to be fair, I’ve only listened to a handful of trax.  I’ll give it a week more. If you have any suggestions catch me @heavymeddle.

If I find anything or if you send me good suggestions (or better places to start than the Guardian’s article) I’ll be sure to update this post.

Also, I like the second half of the 3ball Fader mix.

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Speed Garage

Speed Garage has a wide range—though I’m pretty confident true speed garage fans know exactly what the pure boundaries exist (I bet this guy knows).

One Speed Garage track I know you’ve heard is Armand Van Helden's Dark Garage Mix of The Sneaker Pimp’s “Spin Spin Sugar”. 

So here’s the range. From Caper’s “Hybrid" to Sinden’s "Beeper" to the accessible Loop Da Loop remix of Todd Terry’s “Something Goin’ On” and according to this guy even Rosie Gaines’ “Closer than Close" classifies as Speed Garage.

I have a lot more to learn here.

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I have some qualms posting this one. I’ve been meaning to post this for some time ago so this trend may have already reached its climax. Also, I hesitate because I never did a post on nostalgic photos of random people or triangles. Whatev, I guess. Here’s a few dudes doing the nebula thing: Raindeer, Baby Jazz, Tjutjuna, Miracle. However they’re all still light years (almost literally) behind the beloved Rockets who were jammin on the Crab Nebula in the 70s. (SORRY for the crappy quality of the video the best version was taken down. For better sound jump over here. I just thought it was worth it to show the video.)

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Anatolian Folk

I don’t know much about this stuff either but I’ve been a fan of Selda for a while now. Go listen to her records while looking straight into Jimmy’s eyes. Then go to Finders Keepers for a better read.

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The Smell

It’s not really a genre. Just a venue that turned out some good west coast noise, tribal, psych stuff (amongst other things). The above vid is of Foot Village made by none other than ECR's Bret B. (Add this blog to your diigo — it’s dope.)

I’m still pretty new to this stuff. I never really caught on to No Age and I remember making fun of kids who liked XBXRX in high school. I’m finally about to check out Abe Vigoda and just wrapped up listening to HEALTH’s DISCO2, which I’m still processing.

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Almost quit

The reason I haven’t posted anything from Oct. to Dec. is because I pretty much gave up on this blog. There are better blogs than mine and I honestly only have 1-3 hours a week to write this stuff (and this stuff). I just stared a Twitter to replace it and then decided to bring it back.

Please accept this as an apology. (If this doesn’t do it nuthin will.)

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Footwork is fast, sample-heavy mix of Juke and Chicago House. At a glance it seems like DJ Nate is one of the guys pushing the core of the sound. Although, I’m very partial to the more house-heavy stuff like DJ Roc and Addison Groove’s Footcrab. You may have even heard this stuff before from Dude N Nem who helped bring it to a national level.

Check out µ-Ziq’s mix on mixcloud and XLR8R has a pretty in depth article on the stuff.

No wiki article on this yet — so help get that started.

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Note to Self

The Internet doesn’t really need another music blog. And given how I have triple the amount of posts in draft versus live — I’m more frequently absent than posting — this tumblelog doesn’t need to exist. I will keep it on life support for now. Until then, enjoy this:

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Shangaan Electro

God, Africa is amazing! I have 22 other posts in draft but I had to get this out so we can find out more about this stuff. In the meantime I suggest you soulseek the crap out of this and fry your brain youtubin’.

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I had a dream that gave me the first glimpse of this music after TI’s King came out. I didn’t know what to call it so (for better or worse, probably worse) I referred to it as sludge and dredge. I then came across Drag (or Witch House or Haunted House, whatev) on fellow 8tracker Cinnamon_shops’s //Disaro// mixtape earlier this spring.

So far, oOoOO and Salem have been on heavier rotation than the rest.

More chopped and screwed mixes please.

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